Median Sales Price Trends in Denver

Median Sales Price Trends in Denver

Yikes is all I have to say.  There has been some startling developments in the recent median sales price trends in Denver.  In my zip code, 80210, the median sale price has decreased from a high in June this year of $570,000 to $455,000 in September.  Below is data on some zip codes I follow closely (note, these are only the larger zip codes, some zip codes don’t have enough data points to make them meaningful, if you want data for your home, please contact me directly):

80210 June 2015 $570,000 – September $455,000

80209  March 2015 $680,000 – September $560,000

80206 June 2015 $600,000 – September $440,000

80219 July 2015 $239,700 – September $230,000

80223 June 2015 $260,000 – September $251,000

80204 March 2010 $410,000 – September $371,500

There seems to be a general downward trend.  These numbers are historically volatile so it will take more time to see exactly what is going on, however I am seeing a general cooling of the real estate market in the Denver area.


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