Cory Merrill Real Estate Review

Its the beginning of the year and an excellent time to look back at this year in Cory Merrill real estate. I broke down the home sales from last year in our neighborhood into the different market segments: new homes, resale of new homes, and the original homes.  See below how it broke down.



This is the breakdown of the data, there were 127 homes that sold last year.  85 homes were the old original homes, 22 were new build resales and 20 were new builds.


The data is not complete extensive for new builds and new build resales, but you can see the general trend was up last year.


This graph is showing that many homes originally start out over priced and had to do multiple price reductions before selling.



This graph shows the average price per square foot for the total square footage.  There were a few outliers, but the general trend is about $250 per square foot.

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